General Information:

All individuals and vehicles entering NAS JRB New Orleans are subject to search. Persons ages 18 and older will be required to show a photo ID for entry.
Please arrive early, pay attention to all signs and announcements and be patient. These procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all those attending the Air Show.



Can I bring a folding chair?

What is the cost of the event?
General admission and parking is free.

What time does the show start and end?
Air Show gates typically open at 8 a.m. each day. The show traditionally begins at 10 am and ends with the Blue Angels at around 4 pm.

What is the schedule for the Air Show?
Due to security restrictions, times will not be published prior to the show; however a planned list of performances will be available under the "Schedule" section of the "Attractions" tab. Schedules and performers are subject to change without notice. 

Other than the Air Show, what other attractions will be at the show?
In addition to the Air Show, spectators can enjoy a collection of aircraft on display, virtual games and other attractions, displays at vendor booths, food booths, souvenir booths, and a kids’ fun-zone! 

What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately due to performer scheduling, there are no rain make-up dates for the event.

What is the temperature at the show?
Please check the weather forecast.

Should I bring hearing protection?
Yes, hearing protection is highly encouraged for all Air Show spectators, especially young children.  Ear plugs will be available for purchase at the Air Show.

How do I get to NAS JRB New Orleans?
NAS JRB New Orleans is located on Hwy. 23 in Belle Chasse, La.  Please visit the "Parking and Directional" tab for more information on directions.  

Where do I park?
There are two primary parking areas, accessible through the NAS JRB gate off of Barriere Road and through the Blue Gate entrance to the base, which is just south of the main gate on Hwy. 23.  Guests will board FREE shuttles at the parking areas to be taken to the flight line entry control points for the air show.  (Shuttle space is limited so large strollers may not fit and will need to be left in your vehicle).
Entrance through the main gate is available ONLY to military members, base residents and base employees with proper identification.

Is there handicapped parking available?
Handicapped guests should enter the base via the main gate at the base on Hwy 23 or the "Blue Gate" which is approximately a half mile south of the main gate. Security personnel will issue handicapped parking passes once the guest has provided proof either by license plate, state issued placard or I.D. Please note that handicapped parking is limited and will be available on first-come, first-serve basis.

Is it possible to drop people off at the flight line entrance gates and then go park?

Can I ride a bike or motorcycle?
Yes. Bicyclists and motorcyclists will be directed by security for parking. 

Will RVs/travel trailer be allowed to enter the base for the air show?
RV/Travel Trailers are allowed onto NAS JRB New Orleans for the air show but must enter via the rear gate off of Barriere Road.  RV parking is available but please keep in mind that parking is a first-come, first-served basis and very limited. No overnight RV/travel trailer parking will be permitted. Also, those who travel to the air show in RVs or travel trailers may not set up camp in the parking areas. Qualified base patrons may contact the MWR RV Park for camping reservations in the RV park

Are buses allowed?
Yes, buses are allowed. Buses will be directed by Security for parking.

Will an ATM be available?

Do the vendors take credit cards?
Some do and some don't, however an ATM is available on the site.

Is there shade?
Shade is limited. Patrons are encouraged to plan accordingly and bring plenty of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. 

Are wagons and strollers allowed?
Yes. Be mindful that strollers, carriages and wagons cannot take up aisle space in the Reserved Seating areas and have to be stowed under the bleachers/chairs. Also, these items must easily fit onto the shuttle buses that will carry patrons to the flight line.

Are strollers or wheelchairs available for rent at the show?
At this time there is no vendor renting these items.

Are pets allowed on the air show grounds?
No, pets are NOT permitted. Certificed Service Animals with proper documentation will be allowed. Please note that at no time will pets be left unattended in the parking areas or in cars.

Is smoking permitted?
Smoking, vaping and e-cigarette use is NOT permitted anywhere on the flight line in the vicinity of aircraft, vendor tents or chalets. There is a designated smoking area. 

Are coolers allowed at the event?
No.  The only exceptions are small coolers to hold formula bottles for babies.

Will outside food and drinks be allowed?
No.  No outside food or beverages are permitted on the flight line, except baby formula/breast milk. There will be a variety of food and beverage vendors available for purchase at the Air Show. Alcoholic beverages will also be available for purchase from Air Show vendors.

Are bags allowed? 
Most bags will not be allowed to include backpacks and large camera bags. Only small purses and diaper bags will be accepted, and are subject to search.  Please bring only what you can hand carry.

Can we bring a pop-up tent?
No, pop up tents are not permitted.

Are roller skates, skateboards, hoverboards, bikes, or personal golf carts permitted on the air show grounds?
No. None of these items are permitted due to security and safety restrictions. Handicap scooters and electric wheelchairs are permitted.

Are there any restrictions on bringing weapons to the event?
Yes. No weapons are permitted on NAS JRB New Orleans. Weapons including pocket knives, multi-tools, replica/toy weapons or pepper spray are NOT permitted, and will be confiscated.

Can I bring in photography and camera equipment?
Photography and camera equipment is permitted, but must be hand carried.  Also, in order to keep the entry line moving along, please bring only what is absolutely needed and be considerate of those trying to view the show and do not block their view by setting up tripods in front of their seats.

Are cell phones, laptop computers and iPads allowed?




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